Play Flip Flap Tree

After learning Phaser to create Mathie I wanted to explore making another game, but this time a little more complicated than the last. This is why I created Flip Flap.

I took inspiration from the game Flappy Bird and modified it from an endless side scrolling game where you control a bird flying past pipes to a game where you control a bird that flies forward and backward on the screen past obstacles.


Unlike Flappy Bird, Flip Flap has a definite end and a secret story behind the game that will only be revealed when you make it to the very end.

You control a bird by pressing space, enter, or mouse button to flap the bird's wings. Points are awarded to you as the bird travels across the screen, and points are subtracted every time you flap the bird's wings.

If the bird collides with the spiked floor, ceiling, walls or obstacles then it will be game over.

High scores are recorded locally in your browser and also on a global server so that you can see how you compare to other people who are playing the game.