While working for BlackBerry, I decided to explore making games for mobile devices. Up until this point, my games were always focused on desktop Windows only using my own custom 3D Shader Game Engine.

The first non-Windows game that I created was Jewel Thief and it ran on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. After creating my second BlackBerry game (Card War) I decided to also port Jewel Thief from the tablet onto BlackBerry mobile devices (Z10, Q10).


In Jewel Thief you control a jewel on the screen and attempt to run away from The Law. Patrolling police officers will begin to chase you if you get too close to them.

To make things more difficult, the cops will throw black oil at you which will slow you down if you walk through the puddles.

Periodically a patrol van will appear and unload a fresh batch of Pigs to fill the screen. If you are out of sight, a police officer will continue walking in a straight line and leave the game area.

The objective of the game is to keep out of reach from the fuzz for as long as possible. If one of the cops touches you it will be game over and you'll be thrown into jail. The player with the highest time will get the high score.