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At the end of 2021, a new online game called Wordle became very popular. In January 2022 I decided I would try to replicate this game but with an added little twist. This is how Mathie was born.

Mathie is a web-based math game where you need to guess the math equation within 5 guesses. Each guess must contain a valid math equation. Enter the numbers, operator and equals sign to submit your guess.

After each guess is made, a colored box will appear to show how close your guess was to the solution.

Guess 1

The 5 digit is in the equation and in the correct spot

Guess 2

The 6 digit is in the equation but in the wrong spot

Guess 3

The 9 digit is not in the equation in any spot

You can vary the difficulty of the game by changing the game settings. There are options for:


After each game play, statistics of all your game plays will be shown on the screen.

After Mathie was released, the folks at Maplesoft saw the game and asked if they could port the game to their software and include it inside their Maple Calculator app.


So, you can play Mathie by clicking the play button below, or you can play Sumzle by downloading the Maple Calculator app on Android or iPhone devices.

Play Mathie