Do you want to create your own games? Watch video tutorials that cover every step along the way, from creating the art resources to programming the game logic. Learn to program in OpenGL using C++, create 3D models and sprites, and learn the skills needed to build your own game engine. The tutorials are easy to follow and educational for all, including creative designers, instructors, students and hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happened to the original website?
I started marek-knows back in 2005 and kept the site going for over 10 years. Then my personal life got too busy so I had to shut down the website. I've decided to archive the videos that I created which is why you can now find them on this site instead.
What is a VMK?
Visual Module of Knowledge (VMK) is another name for a video tutorial on a specific topic. Originally VMK's were compressed rar files containing the video tutorial and any additional resources you may need to complete the tutorial. Today, each video is streamed and some videos are accompanied by a separate rar file containing the additional resources.
When will the next VMK be uploaded?
Converting the old VMKs to the new YouTube format is very time consuming. I try to upload about a dozen or so per week.
In which order should I watch the VMK?
Viewing OrderTo see the recommended viewing order of all the video tutorials open the VMK viewing chart. The chart illustrates the following things:
  1. Title bar shows each of the VMK sections available on the website
  2. Boxes illustrate a video tutorial topic. Each box can represent one or more VMK.
  3. Dark brown lines indicate the relationship of VMK within a specific section. You should watch video tutorials listed in order from top to the bottom.
How do I open RAR files?
To open an RAR file, use the WinRAR software.
I found a bug in one of the VMK, how do I report it?
helpOpen the video and click the YouTube button found in the bottom right corner of the video to watch the video on Read through the youtube video comments to see if there is a solution to the problem already posted by someone else. If you have found a new bug, post a new comment.