Ghost Toast is a first-person shooter game that I created using the 3D OpenGL Game Engine. You control a 'hunter' that finds themselves inside of a maze with wondering ghosts. Your objective is to stay alive as long as possible using a mace and a crossbow to defend yourself. Each ghost that you kill will earn you a different number points. Points are calculated based on how you kill the ghost. Headshots with a crossbow arrow at a long distance will earn you the most amount of points.

While roaming in the maze you will find randomly spawning packs of crossbow arrows; first aid kits used to restore your heath, and batteries which are needed to power your ghost detecting radar unit.


If you want to learn how to create this game yourself, I have created 90+ step-by-step instructional video tutorials showing you everything line of code used to make this game in C++. The video tutorial series can be found here.

download Ghost Toast To play the completed Ghost Toast game, download it from here.